Auditions & Casting Call for Actors

Casting 4 males that look 30-40 years old for the film “Crybaby Bridge”. Actors must be physically able to trek through wooded areas and possibly run 25-50 yards for one scene. This will be a filmed as a feature length film but will probably be edited down to a short. This film is intended to be submitted to the Motor City Nightmares film festival and other film festivals. Looking for people who can “act” like they’re not acting. This is a fake documentary, so the actors need to give the impression they may be a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, similar to Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity. This will be a low/no budget movie.

Audition/Shoot Details:

Auditions will be held in Lansing, most likely on a Friday at the end of June (22 or 29). If you cannot attend, a video audition can be used. Filming will be scheduled approximately sometime between October 5th and November 5th. It will probably take 2-3 weekends to film or several consecutive days during the week. The schedule will depend on the availability of the cast. The majority of filming will take place at Waterloo State Recreation Area in Chelsea, MI. Less substantial filming will take place in Eaton Rapids and possibly Mason. Weekend availability is important.


3 Hunters are lent a cabin and land to hunt on for free. In return, they agree to be filmed while hunting for a pro-gun documentary. Little do they know, paranormal activity stemming from a nearby bridge will ruin their chances of bagging a dear–and getting back home alive.

Available Roles:

  • Ryan Turner: Easy-going guy. Doesn’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but is open minded. He is somewhere between ‘outgoing’ or ‘shy.’ He says what’s on his mind, but usually avoids doing it in a blunt or abrasive manner. He is not a big joker, but has a sense of humor. Normally pretty well mannered, but when intense conflict arises, he’s not afraid to stand up for himself.
  • William (Bill) Kane: Usually arrogant and has little sense of humor. He doesn’t smile much, is usually serious, and has acts like a bad ass. He does not believe in ghosts and is very closed minded. He is a great hunter. He says what’s on his mind, straight and to the point. He is easily annoyed with Nick’s antics.
  • Nickolas Murphy: Likes to joke around and has a great sense of humor. A little immature for his age and believes in the paranormal. Likes to hunt, but he probably enjoys the company of people more than hunting the deer. He’s not hyper, but he’s much more energetic than the rest of the group. Usually wears a smile on his face.
  • Craig Stevens: He tries to be the authority figure as he directs the other hunters, but naturally has a passive personality. He does not come off as bossy. He acts as a mediator and voice of reason to diffuse conflict. He pretends to be brave, but when he encounters a ghost, he is more afraid than everyone.


The movie most likely not make any money. In the event the movie is picked up or the film rights are sold, the cast will be entitled to a small percentage of the profits. Otherwise, the cast will not be paid any money. The cast will be provided food and drinks while filming, credit, and a final copy of the movie.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your resume and headshot to:

NOTE: Detailed character descriptions along with audition lines are available upon request.