Actors Needed for Collaborative Film

Casting 4 male actors for the film, “College Life” (Working Title). The film will be a collaborative effort and everyone will help develop the characters and write the final script. I am looking for actors who can think on their feet and are laid back and comfortable with most things. Were looking to the the real, authentic college experience here. Filming will begin in March 2013 in the Detroit area and surrounding suburbs.


A college comedy that follows four men who happen to live together and what occurs during the next four years.

Available Roles:

  • A ladies man who is fearless, shameless, unapologetic and owns who he is. Life of the party

  • A guy raised by an ultra religious family who finds conflict with how he was raised while at school

  • A Book worm who is aces in the classroom but not so in the social scene

  • A guy who has a long term girlfriend but is also attracted to his own sex.


Pay will start at 1000.00 and go up depending on role cast.

How to Apply:

If interested in applying, please notify us at