Casting Call for Feature Length Film

“CK 42″ is a feature film shooting in Oxford, MI from March 19th to March 26th, 2012. The science fiction genre film follows Christopher Knight as he attempts to decipher the key to his freedom in a mysterious object given to him by his captors. What he discovers transcends far beyond his own freedom.

Available Roles:

  • CK: Male. Caucasian. Late 25-35 yrs. 5’10”-6’3”. Muscular, lean handsome. For being such a strong and imposing military figure (possibly special forces), CK has significant emotional depth. This role requires a strong character actor with a great look.
  • OLIVIA: Female. (Caucasian, Latino, Asian American). 21-32 yrs. 5’2” – 5’11”. Attractive, almost model’esque’ body type. This beautiful character plays a pivotal role as she gains CK’s trust. Not only does she gain his trust, he affects her deeply with his level of humanity and kindness. However, she nearly destroys him, when he finds out about her betrayal.
  • GIANT: Male. African American. 25-60 yrs. 6’4” and taller. Heavy Set (Muscular or Big & Tall). This tall, dark, menacing figure must portray emotion excellently. As the film opens, he is seen as stoic brut, used by the INTERROGATOR to accomplish his bidding. As the film progresses, the softer side surfaces and the audience will connect with the person inside this mass of a man.
  • INTERROGATOR: Male. Open Ethnicity. Late 30s. 5’10” – 6’0”. Average body type. Cool, almost cold, callous, meticulous, level headed. INTERROGATOR is responsible for getting CK to reveal what he knows about this mysterious object.
  • WIFE: Female. 25-40 yrs. Caucasian. 5’6” – 5’11” Beautiful. During the film, CK continually has memory flashes of his wife and child.
  • CHILD: Female. 8-12 yrs. Caucasian. CK’s cute little daughter for memory flashes.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Production Assistants: If you are interested in helping on crew with the production as a production assistant for credit and food, please feel free to send your resume.


This is a limited budget film, but as mentioned, these are paid roles. Food will be provided and accommodations are available. Non-Union, Non-SAG. Actors must be available to be on set between 7 AM and 7 PM on filming days (between March 19th and March 26th).

How to Apply:

Please notify us at

NOTE: Please include the role that you are submitting for in the subject line of your email. This is not an open call for auditions. They will be scheduled individually upon submission of your materials.