Casting Call for Actors

Compass College of Cinematic Arts

Casting for a short time period film with the Compass College of Cinematic Arts. Filming will take place over two days in mid November 2011 in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Available Roles:

  • LOUIS LE PRINCE: Male, age 49, approx. 5′-10″. Louis Le Prince is one of the worlds most under appreciated and important cinema forefathers. He is the protagonist for The Unraveling Reel. Louis is an extremely focused individual. When he gets involved in his worked, almost nothing can distract him, very easily paying little attention to those around him. He can get easily frustrated and takes out his anger on those who distract him while he is working. He is extremely ambitious and optimistic about his ideas. When excited, he talks very quickly, and will give attention to several objects or tasks at once. Louis is a somewhat tall individual with a high metabolism.
  • AUGUST FABRICE: Male, age 27, approx. 5′-5″. August is one of the assistants to Le Prince and a main impact character for our Protagonist. His main motivation for working with him is just to make a small living and he does not fully share or realize his master’s vision. He is always trying to get le Prince to invest in projects in such a way that allow him to make more money.
  • YVONNE TALBOT: Male, age 22, approx. 5′-4″. Yvonne is one the assistants to Le Prince. Yvonne has worked with Le Prince for the majority of his life and feels connected to his master. He tries to keep Louis on the important things in life and comes across as an optimistic.
  • ELIZABETH LE PRINCE: Female, age 41, approx. 5′-2″. Louis Le Prince’s wife. Anxious and worried about her husband’s absorption in his work and lack of attention to her.


Non paid, but will be acting reel quality.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email you headshots and resume to: