eightoneoh Films is Casting for Their New Short, ”Your Guardian Angel”


A young teen, Brie, struggles between her addiction and leading a normal high school life. With her parents constantly absent, she has no one to rely on aside from her only and longest friend, Oliver. It seems not even their seemingly unrequited feelings for one another can get her to kick her habits, and it may cost her the ultimate price.

We are a small DBA out of Imlay City, MI. We are looking to cast for two lead roles. One male, and one female.


Brie, 18 years old, slender, brunette, has a drug addiction.

Oliver, 18 years old, darker hair, wiry-muscled, temperamental, but caring. He is Brie’s “companion.”

These are the only important features that we would like these characters to have. For the part of Brie we are willing to take submissions from actresses with any hair color, but MAY NEED TO BE WILLING TO DYE YOUR HAIR.

We also have two supporting roles to fill:

Mr. Irwin, art teacher, mid 40’s.

Levi, 18 years of age, thin, short (below 5’6″)

Both of these characters are only in one scene each.



If hired, the producers will pay for lodging, meals, and fuel expenses.


Shoot dates:

As of right now the shoot dates depend on funding. We are looking at mid to late October OR mid to late April of 2014. Must be flexible!!

Please e-mail your resume, headshots, and demo reel (if available) to eightoneohfilms@gmail.com