“For Love and or Money” Casting Call

TV Pilot (Detroit, MI)

February 15th, 2011

Television Show Pilot Casting

Casting multiple roles for the television show pilot “For Love and or Money”. Shooting will take place in May 2011. Exact dates are still to be determined.


The show is about young quarter life transitioning, with life changing decisions that may alter lives forever.

Available Roles:

  • Angela (48) African-American; Mother of Marcus and Nick Jr. Loving, inviting; gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. Proud of her sons, protective and cautious when in bad situations.

  • Ashley (29) African-American; Bride, she is marrying Nick Jr. She is a loving and tolerant person. She is very happy that her wedding day has finally come.

  • Chris (26) African-American; Strong authoritative presence; Police Officer; Likes for things to be in order. Has a new girlfriend that his old girlfriend and mother of his child is very jealous of. Bothered by the fact that the order in his life is about to be severely interrupted.

  • Deneja (25) African-American; Quiet, New girl to the group; Quiet becomes outspoken because when her new boyfriend (Chris) has an altercation.

  • Girl 1 (23) African-American; bubbly flirtations girl

  • Judge (35)- African-American; Proud Fatherly or Motherly; Happy to be marrying the couple of Nick and Ashley

  • Mike (26) African-American; Book smart; Loves aviation, the youngest pilot in the sky outside of the air force. But at the same time he sometimes doesn’t show as much “common sense” as most people possess. A “ladies man” that says he wants to settle down doesn’t really mean it.

  • Nick Jr. (30) African-American; Big brother to Marcus; Getting married today, Agitated, nervous about the wedding but tries to ignore it.

  • Nick Sr. (48) African-American; Proud Dad who doesn’t take any shit. Wants the best for his sons; Role model.

  • Nicole (24) African-American; Single mother; female version of Marcus with the difference being that she has chosen family as her passion and Marcus is on the career path.

  • Serrita (24)- African-American; The Baby mama. Has a tough time dealing with the fact that the father of her child has a new girlfriend. She does not want to say it out loud but always thought they would be back together; angry that he has moved on.


These are not paid roles. Talent will receive Copy, Meals & Credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshot and resume to Joseph Fountain at: casting@lavarro.com

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

This lead came from michiganacting.com