Mixed Company Troupe Auditions

Mixed Company Troupe Auditions

Casting a female actor for Act 3 of the “Icewoman Calls”. Rehearsals begin next week, in preparation for the June 8th show. Mixed Company Troupe performs in the venue of the booking client. In this case our debut of The Icewoman Calls will be in the Event Center at Mott Community College, in Flint, MI. Rehearsals are in various locales in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area.


In Act One, Dearly Defrosted, Aileen whets her appetite for subterfuge by assisting police in a sting operation to apprehend a murderer. This is complicated by the suspect being her best friend… and the murder victim, Aileen’s lover… being the husband of this best friend.

In Act Two, Saddling Her First Spy, Aileen wants more such fun and worms her way into an assignment with the CIA. Her lack of training will make her a seductress that nobody would ever suspect (as a real spy)… this is the idea of CIA boss, Stanton, who uses Aileen as a pawn on her chess board. Surprisingly Aileen does manage to seduce her target, a man from the FreshState Underground. As act two concludes it’s clear she’ll be led to the lair of evil genius, Henneman.

It is Act Three, Poison on the Rocks, for which our troupe is still casting. The role of Henneman is a co-starring position in this act. The scene opens with Aileen bound, gagged and drugged. When she awakens, in order to save her life she must bargain with the devil. Imagine her surprise when the devil (Henneman) convinces her that it’s actually the CIA that is the devil here. That playing double-agent is the call to make. After several switched mistaken-identities and plenty of gunplay, Aileen seizes the better hand, to the benefit of all freedom-loving Americans.

Available Roles:

  • Henneman: A brilliant chemist, Henneman, is a powerful woman from the Caribbean Islands. While ruthless at times, she also has a mothering instinct for her followers within her covert organization, The FreshState Underground. She is decisive and intuitive. Her sense of humor also shows through her tough veneer. She is onstage almost continuously in act three.

NOTE: Henneman is written as from the Caribbean, but know that actors of all races are welcome to audition and all will be considered for the part.


$100 per performance night. We only have one night booked for this show, but we will present it repeatedly in the months and years ahead, as it is requested by new clients. In this sense, a long-term commitment is ideal. Once a member of MCT, other roles also open up for other shows, depending on your availability.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying and to setup an audition time, please notify us at YourEntouraeAgency@gmail.com