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Clayman Pictures Casting Call

Casting for a SAG Short Student Film Agreement with the intention to compete for the Student Academy Award. Auditions will take place on August 13th and 14th from 10:00am – 6:00pm at Madonna University in Livonia, MI. Call backs will be on August 14th.


Abandoned by his father, a psychological misfit, too clever for his age, overcomes his nemesis, by summoning a twisted, nefarious, imaginary friend; who in turn, provokes his conscious.

Available Roles:

  • Shawn (Protagonist): Age 10. He’s very clever for his age and sometimes a little scary, but not in an unnerving way. He sees the truths in life most children ignore until the age of reason. He’s like other kids but has tapped into the power of his mind at a young age due to his current situation at home. His mother loves him dearly and acts as both a mother/father figure, but his lack of a father haunts him quietly deep within, thus, the scaffolds of resentment build towards his mother. He’s a cross between Haley Jole Osmet in “The Sixth Sense” and David Dorfman in “The Ring Two.”

  • Sinister Chris (Principle Antagonist): Shawn’s evil imaginary friend. Age unknown, ethic heritage unknown. He’s the sole creation of Shawn’s psyche from its darkest depths. He’s everything Shawn wants to be, but can’t due to his age and inner most conscience. He’s tall, strong, cocky, muscular, egotistical, extremely difficult to read and devilish with his acts of persuasion. Simply put, he’s Shawn’s dark side. He’s has the humor of Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare On Elm Street,” the wits of the Joker from “The Dark Knight,” the wild persona of Fred from “Drop Dead Fred,” and the Devilish persuasion of Al Pacino in “The Devil’s Advocate.” A villain truly unlike any other.

  • Keleigh: Shawn’s mother, between the ages of 28 — 30, stunningly beautiful. She juggles two jobs and it’s starting to take a toll on her both psychically and mentally. Her relationship with Shawn has become rocky, but it doesn’t stop her from keeping a positive outlook on life and being a loving mother. She makes the most of what little they have and takes everyday one step at a time. Her entire life revolves around Shawn and his well-being. Think Dianne Wiest’s loving nature in “The Lost Boys,” and Katherine Hicks edge in “Child’s Play.”

  • Big Bully (Antagonist/Comic Relief): Fifth grade bulldozer and Shawn’s nemesis. He’s ill spoken and solves self-instigated problems by sheer power. He’s fat for his age, bossy, demanding, and tramples students alongside his accomplice, Little Bully.

  • Little Bully (Antagonist/Comic Relief): Second fifth grade domineer. He’s the opposite of his counterpart; small, sharp tongued, fearless, and quick on his feet. He suffers from a Napoleon complex, and strides alongside Big Bully with a watchful eye.

  • Shawn’s Conscience: The voice of reason, Shawn’s inner most good being and catalyst for truth. His conscience is a mirror image of himself and a manifestation of the love and protection that his mother provides for him. It grips the true pain Shawn struggles with and keeps him on the right path as he walks in life. Essentially, the voice Keleigh has instilled deep within Shawn’s mind as a parent.

  • Shawn’s Father: Silent antagonist, early thirties. He’s rough around the edges and was once a professional guitarist who did well for many years as an instructor and weekend warrior alongside his band, but threw his life away in pursuit of being a Rockstar. He fell hard into drugs and alcohol and abused Keleigh both physically and mentally for years. Although we never physically deal with the character, he lays as an important figure in Shawn’s subconscious. Sinister Chris uses him as a means to tamper with Shawn’s mind and steer him away from the protection and love of his mother.

  • Mr. Seitz: Caucasian male in his mid-thirties. He’s strict, well spoken, neatly groomed and will act as the answer for Shawn’s need of a male role model shortly after his critical conversation with his conscience. He’s the symbol of justice that will show up at just the right time and bring closure to our story. Think Paul Gleason from “The Breakfast Club,” with a dash of sincerity.


SAG Deferred Student Agreement

How to Apply:

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