New Casting Opportunity:
*We sent out this casting call last month. Since then, our casting email list has grown so we wanted to pass this opportunity along to our new subscribers. You’ll notice the project timeline has been updated too*

**If you have already submitted for this role, you DO NOT have to re-submit**
 Cold Box Films is looking to cast a female voice to narrate three videos for a local company that sells cabinetry:One 90-second promotional videoOne 15-second promotional videoOne 2-minute video that shows customers how to measure for their new cabinetsThese videos will be utilized for web use only (primarily for the client’s website and digital marketing needs).

Project timeline: We’d like to finalize our casting pick in the next 2-weeks. An official recording date is not locked in. However, it’s likely to take place in the next 4-5 weeks. 

Paying Job

Tone: This is a family-owned company, so the client would like that same brand personality represented in the voiceover narration.

The perfect voice for this project is warm, sweet, and bright. In other words, it needs to feel friendly and approachable and NOT feel overly commercialized. 

We’d love this to have a conversational tone. We’re looking for someone who can infuse natural voice inflections to draw us into different sections of the script.

Where the recording will take place: Ideally, we’d like to host the recording at our studio located in Lansing, MI. However, we realize that some of you may opt to utilize a home studio which is something we’re very open to as well (given you have a professional set up that delivers high-quality audio). 

How to submit: To audition for the role please send a recording of yourself reading the following excerpt from our script (linked here) to by Monday, June 8th at 12:00 pm. You can simply send this email to info@ and include your recording. 

Please note you do NOT need to utilize any fancy tools for this audition recording. Your smartphone works perfectly fine. Just be sure you’re in a quiet room. 

Each applicant should provide 2 different readings of the excerpt, each one having its own variation. 


Please Remember To: