Shiryo Films Productions and Fireball 40 Studio, LLC

Shiryo Films Productions and Fireball 40 Studio, LLC, is looking to cast a female actress for their upcoming feature film titled “The Game”. This is a minor supportive role.


Nine individuals are forced to play a game that only one may prevail while eight others must die. The gates are locked with eight key holes that will lead the winner to freedom.

Each person is only given three lifelines for their survival and a cryptic chance for freedom for all nine players to succeed. However all must remain vigilant, as danger not only lurks within the players but rather the game itself…

Available Roles:

  • Cupcake: (Minor Supportive Role) Caucasian, female, ages 22-30, average to physically built. Minor film experience, stunts, stage combat and martial arts experience preferred. Gothic / Emo look with minor tattoos and piercings a plus but not required.

NOTE: Hair will be styled to fit the look of the character’s image. In which will be short, choppy and white blonde in hair color with additional punk-related highlights. Imagine “suicide girl” look.


This is a paid role. Craft/Catering Services provided. Transportation and Lodging are not included.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at