Casting Call for Speaking Roles

"Purple Gang" the Movie

Casting actors for speaking roles for the “Purple Gang” movie teaser. An open casting call will be held on Monday, June 13th in Ferndale, MI.

The teaser is scheduled to be shot on June 18th and 19th, 2011 in Saginaw Michigan and the surrounding areas. This teaser is being produced to gather interest for a full-length movie based upon the 1920’s Purple Gang that ran Detroit, Michigan throughout the prohibition period. Once the teaser is complete, funding will be sought for the full-length feature.

Plot Outline: (Teaser)

When Ray Bernstein goes to collect an unpaid debt for booze, Slip, an informant, tips the gang off of the location of the debtors. The debtors are the ones who are cutting booze in a remote, secluded area. Ray shows up with his gang, and shows he is one of history’s most ruthless mob bosses.

Available Roles:

  • Ray Bernstien (already cast) enforcement leader for the Purples – sharply dressed with an aggressive temperament.

  • Sneaky Pete (male, 18-30) – runs booze cutting operation and a homemade still. gets maimed and killed.

  • Smitty (male, 18-30) – Sneaky Pete’s booze cutter and distiller gets killed.

  • Still worker (male, 18-30) – costumed as worker from 1920’s era that gets killed.

  • Slip (male, 18-30) – Informs on Sneaky Pete. Gets killed.

  • Fred “Killer” Burke (male, 18-30) – suited – dressed well – Purples ultimate killer

  • Harry Keywell (male, 18-30) – suited- Dressed well – Purples Enforcer

  • Eddie Fliesher (male, 18-30)- suited – dressed well – Purples Enforcer

  • Beans (male, 18-30)- suited – costumed – Purple Gang informant and killer.

  • Flapper Girl 1 (female, 18-30) – in 1920’s costumes

  • Flapper Girl 2 (female, 18-30)- in 1920’s costumes

  • Flapper Girl 3 (female, 18-30)- in 1920’s costumes


These are all paid speaking roles, non-union.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email your headshots and resume to:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.