Casting Call for Series of Online Videos

Casting multiple actors for a series of online videos for an insurance company. The shoot date is scheduled for October 4th, 2011 in Ferndale.

Each actor will be photographed by still cameras on a local shooting stage in multiple scenarios. The photographs will be manipulated in post production to create a specific animation effect. No dialogue is necessary. Depending on actor and role, there may be wardrobe changes. Each actor will be required to be available for the full day of the shoot, though once your scene is finished, your day is complete.

Available Roles:

Video 1

  • Male, African-American, Mid 40’s – Role, Husband

  • Female, African-American, Mid 40’s – Role, Wife

  • Male, African-American, Mid Teens (15-16) – Role, Son

Video 2

  • Female, Caucasian, Early 40’s – Role, Mom

  • Male, Caucasian, Early 40’s – Role, Dad

  • Female, Caucasian, Mid Teens – Role, Daughter

  • Male, Caucasian, Mid Teens – Role, Son

  • Female, Caucasian, Mid 60’s – Role, Grandma

Video 3

  • Female, Hispanic, Mid 30’s – Role, Mom

  • Female, Hispanic, Mid Teens (12-14) – Role, Daughter

Video 4

  • Female, African-American, Late 20’s – Role, Sister

  • Male, African-American, Late 20’s – Role, Brother

  • Female, African-American, Late 50’s – Role, Mom

Video 5

  • Male, Caucasian, Mid 40’s – Role, Friend

  • Male, Caucasian, Late 30’s – Role, Friend

Video 6

  • Male, Caucasian, Mid-Late 30’s – Role, Husband

  • Female, Caucasian, Early 30’s – Role, Wife


These are paid roles. Pay is a flat-rate of $100.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.