Casting Call for Horror Film Sequel

"Dark Night of the Pumpkinman" Horror Film Sequel

Casting actors and actresses for the upcoming horror sequel to “Dark Night of the Pumpkinman”. Director Britton Stebbins needs people who can act. He is looking for intense people that work fast. If the acting is not good, the movie will fail. Please respond if you are serious. The movie has some profanity and no nudity. Auditions will be held shortly. This is not a union position. The film is scheduled to be shot between October 24st and November 10th, 2011.


The concluding sequel to the low-budget thriller “Dark Night of the Pumpkinman” released in 2011. The small Midwestern town of Rockford is still haunted by the serires of unknown killings in the area. Previous portagonist Jim Trumbull mysteriously disappeared last Halloween only trying to find enough evidence of who killed his sister seventeen years prior. Now the one and remaining sybling Teri has locked into the real killer that has been terrorizing Rockford for years. Consequently she might not be aware of who she is up against. Will Teri solve the greatest mystery in years and be ready when the killer strikes? Or will her naivety cost her her life?

Available Roles:

  • Teri Trumbull: female, has to look between 30-40 years of age

  • Joan Wilson: female teenager, has to look between 17-22 years of age

  • Gwen Jolie: female, teenager, has to look between 17-22 years of age

  • Prostitute: female, has to look between 20-30 years of age

  • Neighbor: female, has to look between 20-40 years of age

  • Jason Robertson: male, has to look beween 30-40 years of age


These are paid roles. Pay is $50 per day.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this casting call please notify us at