Casting Call for Adult Actors and Kid Extras

Casting actors and child extras for an upcoming film in Grand Rapids, MI.

Audition Details:

Friday February 3rd at 7:00pm
Saturday, February 4th at 1:00pm

Grand Valley State University Pew Campus
DeVos 202E
Grand Rapids, MI


Jim helps George and Douglas, his son and stepson, clean out his ex-wife Clara’s, house after her death. While wandering around the house, Jim finds a photograph of George and himself. At George’s 8th birthday he remembers this day as, after an argument with Mary Anne, Clara’s mother, and Clara, his ex-wife tried to take his son away from him.

Available Roles:

  • JIM (Past): Early 30′s, Caucasian male, average height, husky build, short dark hair. Construction worker. Quick to anger, but loves his son.

  • JIM (Present): Mid 50′s, Caucasian male, salt and pepper hair. Retired EMT. A reserved and proud man, but emotional about his ex-wife’s death.

  • CLARA (Past): Early 30′s, Caucasian female, short height, beautiful flowing long brown hair. Substitute teacher. Two months pregnant. Tolerant and civil, but has her limits.

  • GARY (Past): Early 30′s, Caucasian male, tall and athletic, brown hair, clean cut. History teacher. Marathon runner. Polite and oblivious.

  • GEORGE (Past): 8-10yrs old, short, skinny, shaggy brown hair. Very bright and happy boy.

  • MARY ANNE (Past): Late 50′s early 60′s, short height, wavy grey hair. Sarcastic and cynical, but with good intentions.

  • DOUGLAS: Early 20′s, tall, athletic build, short brown hair. Advertising intern. Soft spoken, emotionally aware.

  • GEORGE (Present): Early 30′s, Caucasian male, tall, lean build, clean cut, short brown hair. Accountant. Caring, worries about Jim.

  • EXTRAS: Children Extras needed for a birthday scene.


There is no pay but a copy of the film will be provided on completion and food on set will be provided.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email your resume and headshots to:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email. The first casting call will be a cold read.