Cast & Crew Call for John Brown Documentary

Cast & Crew Call for a Documentary

SOS Productions, LLC is Filming a Documentary in Detroit on John Brown and the Abolitionist movement that took place in Detroit between 1837-1859. Shooting will be on March 29th, 2013. This is a Cast & Crew Call and will only be a one day shoot. If interested, please send resume, headshot, and any materials.

Title: “The Untitled Brown Project”

NEED: Cast & Crew

Shoot (start) Date: March 29th
Location-Detroit, Michigan

SAG-AFTRA New Media Contract

11 Slaves-Extras, but there are a few one liners available

Shoots: March 29th, 2013
20’s-70’s, African American, Male & Female

$50 day/DEFERRED

Frederick Douglass-Voice Over Only

Role Description-African American, 40’s-60’s, Leader of the Abolitionist Movement, Morgan Freeman/Denzel Washington Type, Authoritative Voice, smart guy, firm believer, writer, has a gift of speech, a funny side to him, and loving.

This role is all Voice Over and will be done at an ADR studio in Mid-April. Please send resume and headshots and any reel or Voice Over materials you have to this address. If casted, this will only be filmed at an ADR studio in the Metro Detroit area for one day.

$100 day/DEFERRED


2-3 PA’s
Lighting-With Equipment
Still Photographer
2nd AD

These are non-paid positions, but IMDB credit will be available and it is planning to go through the festival circuit including Sundance, Tribeca, Venice, Palm Springs, Toronto, and Cannes.

To Apply: Please notify us at and send your information & materials to


John Brown’s body lays moulding in the grave moulding in the grave……in Detroit? Through the eyes of Brown the abolitionist movement and Underground Railroad in Detroit is uncovered unlocking secrets of the hidden past. This documentary searches for the true meaning of Brown’s life and the brutality of slavery in an attempt to free the slaves from the bondages from this brutal institution. Brown’s life falls into a dark, chasm filled with a macabre of events that prevents him from achieving salvation for the African American slaves. The freedom will not ultimately come for the African American slaves for nearly a quarter century later…..