Casting for Indie Film

Local independent filmmaker is casting a British accented female and a Korean male for a short independent film. This is a 2-day shoot with limited lines and relatively easy set-up (1 day outside, 1 day indoors – 5 minute scene) in Detroit, MI.

Available Roles:

  • BBC Reporter: (female) age 30s-50s, must have a British accent. Looking for an african american woman, or an indian or pakistani woman, not glamorous, serious and smart. Plain hair, plain/semi-professional (nothing fancy).

  • South Korean Biologist: (male) 50s-mid 60s, must speak korean. Relatively healthy looking, average weight, height, etc., average facial hair. The biologist would only be needed for one scene, approx 10-15 lines. He will be seated, indoors, and would be talking to the BBC Reporter (above) about enivornmental issues in Korea.

In scene one, the reporter would be conducting an interview outdoors, on a summer day on detroit’s belle isle with a local park ranger, inquiring into the birds and other animals on the island. 1 day shoot (or 1/2 day)

In scene two, the reporter would be conducting a sit-down interview with a biologist. her screen time for this scene would be very small, if at all. i will simply need a reaction shot. 1 day shoot (or 1/2


These are paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email your headshot and resume to: