JR Galactic is Casting Actors

JR Galactic Touchback Extras Casting Call

JR Galactic is casting actors for the web series “Boris Jackson” Actors cast in this series will shoot for 2 -10 days, depending on role, and will be heavily promoted as the project will be used as a pitching tool for the feature film. Cast of the web-series will have top casting consideration for “Boris Jackson”, The Movie, which will be fully funded and nationally distributed. Filming begins September 2011.

Story Line:

From the producers of Corner Store, starring Roger Guenveur Smith and Blessed & Cursed starring Deitrick Haddon comes an action-packed, modern day gangster series, Boris Jackson.

Available Roles:

  • Charlie Ford: (Co-Star / MALE / 27 TO 40) Caucasian, strong build, police officer. A bully office who has it out for gangsters, especially Boris Jackson

  • Dom: (Co-Star / MALE / 20 TO 30) Arab, Armenian, Caucasian, Italian, Latin, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
    Good looking, ladies love him, loud mouth gangster. Boris’ enemy

  • Maurice: (MALE / 20 TO 35) African American, Good Looking, cocky, attitude, loud mouth instigator

  • Nana: (Co-Star / FEMALE / 50 TO 70) Energetic, heavyset black woman, energetic, sassy “Big Momma” Uses vulgar language to get Boris and his friends back in line

  • Angelo George: (Co-Star / MALE / 30 TO 50) Arab, Armenian, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern. The “Godfather” of the Chaldean family. Mean, thick accent, mobster, slow speech, long hair (preferred but not required)

  • Marisol: (Supporting / FEMALE / 20 TO 40) Filipino, Hispanic, Italian, Latin, Middle Eastern, Native American
    Must “Look” Hispanic. Beautiful, police detective, black hair, busty, mature, takes her job seriously

  • Big D: (Supporting / MALE / 25 TO 40) African American. Heavyset, sloppy, goofy, loves food. Big D hangs with Gangsters and Killers for fun. Comedian “Bill Hill” look

  • Jenny: (Supporting / FEMALE / 18 TO 25) Caucasian, blonde Think “Nola” from Hustle and Flow trashy, prostitute, shown in the bedroom with a man. Cries when questioned about her best friend being killed. Actress “Taryn Manning” Look

  • Stripper: (Under 5 / FEMALE / 18 TO 25) African American, Black – White Mix.  Thick (hips and booty) Sassy attitude, Tattoos

  • Clerk: (Under 5 / FEMALE / 45 TO 65) Works at the corner store, small body Frame, positive spirit, disapproves of criminal activity


These are not paid roles. Talent will receive Copy, Credit & Food.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com and email your headshot and resume to: JRGalactic@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in subject line of your email. All submissions must be received prior to September 19th, 2011.