Alliance Casting is accepting video auditions for the movie “Bender”. They are looking to cast one actor and one actress for the final two roles in the film. Video auditions are due by April 25th, 2011.

Available Roles:

  • Rick (Enrique Chavez): Must be Latino, dark hair, medium build, a bit scruffy, yet hip. He’s in his late 20’s-early to mid 30’s. Seems to enjoy his self destructive ways. Has a jaded view of the world. Keeps an emotional wall between himself and women.

  • Mariana (Mariana Rivera): Beautiful, and voluptuous. Must have dark hair. Mid to Late 20’s. As intelligent as she is beautiful. She does not seem to realize how attractive she is.

NOTE: Video Auditions must show us your range with 2 monologues performed.

For Modern Monologues:

Men can pull monologues from Jerry Macguire, American Gangster, Scent of a Woman, Air Force One, Gladiator. Women can pull monologues from When a Man Loves a Woman, Serendipity, Monster, Kill Bill, While You Were Sleeping, Collateral.


$50/day and lodging; remainder of the pay will be deferred. Food will be provided. You will get reputable credit on IMDB with your character name, a copy of the feature movie when complete, as well as a ticket for you and a guest for the premiere.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us via email at and  submit your video audition to:

NOTE: Please include “video audition for Bender” and the character name in the subject line of your email.

We can send you sides upon request. If you are requesting sides please include “requesting sides for Bender” and the character name in the subject line of your email.

Call backs will be made when we have enough actors that applied.