Auditions for the Short Film “Beauty Queen”

Michigan Creative Film Alliance

Beauty Queen is a short film by the Michigan Creative Film Alliance which will be shot in early August 2011. The film is about a young pageant queen who is learning how to deal with Alopecia (a rare disease which causes one to loose head and/or body hair). After meeting unlikely friends along the way, she learns to love herself.

Auditions will be held on July 5th or 6th (Final date TBD) at the University of Michigan (Final location on campus TBD). The film will premiere at the Detroit Film Theater in March 2012.


The summer before her freshman year of college, a successful pageant queen is diagnosed with a rare skin disease that makes all of her hair fall out. A month away from the biggest pageant of her life, she must learn (with help from an unlikely friend) to deal with her disease in order to win the pageant and the scholarship that will pay her college tuition.

Availble Roles:

  • ALEX: Alex is an 18 year old girl who has just graduated from high school. All of her life she has competed pageants, they are just a way of life for her. Her parents have been divorced since she was young and she lives with her mother. They don’t make a lot of money but they are able to get by. Alex’s pageant winnings help. She wants to go to Stanford to for music because she feels it will help her to have her music taken more seriously, but she needs the money from winning pageants to help pay for it. A month before the biggest pageant of her life she is diagnosed with a rare skin disease that makes her hair fall out. Caucasian or Asian, slender, carries herself like a pageant queen, 5’4” -­ 5’10”, “Girl Next Door”

  • NAOMI: Naomi 16 is a beauty queen who is starting to get more attention with age. She believes she has what it takes the be the best and will stop at nothing to get there. Slender pixie, competitive with a Napoleon complex

  • LUKE: Luke mid 20s who was kicked out of his house when he came out. Rhonda took him in and helped him to get back up on his feet. He is forever grateful and very protective of the ones he loves. Drag Queen but reserved. Does it as an escape. Fit. 5’8”-­‐6’1”

  • BEN: Ben mid 20s who is quiet but loves spending time with his friends. Drag Queen. Lean and muscular. Looks fantastic in a dress. 5’7”-­‐5’10”

  • NICK: Nick mid 20s the life of the party. Super outgoing and loves to love everyone. Is a photographer. Drag Queen and life of the party. Fit, Flexible, and a dancer. 5’7”-­‐6’1”

  • DJ AT GAY DISCO: 20s, A hip girl who found a welcoming crowd within the homosexual community.

  • DRAG SHOW MC: Day job as a bouncer but at night a sassy drag queen. Huge diva.

  • VERONICA: 18, nice southern bell. Slightly ditzy but always has the best intentions. Sweet and innocent. She comes from the south where pageants are huge. Not as competitive as Alex and Naomi but does work hard. She tries to see the best in everyone, and is overly friendly. Everyone can count on Veronica to be their friend at anytime.


Although there is no monetary compensation as this is a collaborative project for Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University, the actors will get a lot of exposure.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in auditioning please notify us at and send an email to:

NOTE: They will let you know the time and place, and send you sides for the parts you request so that you can prepare for the audition ahead of time.