Grosse Pointe Theatre
Auditions This Weekend!
Music by Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Book by Richard Nelson

Directed by Lois Bendler

Audition Dates:
Saturday & Sunday, October 24 & 25
Dance – 1 p.m. * Voice & Music – 2 p.m.
No sign up for audition after 3:30 p.m.

Auditions will take place at Grosse Pointe Theatre:
315 Fisher Rd. * Grosse Pointe, MI 48230 * 313.881.4004 *
Music & Libretto available $20 loan fee

Show Dates:
January 17 – 30, 2016

Character Descriptions:

Anatoly Sergievski: (lead male) Baritone. Russian Chess Champion. Good-looking, even- tempered, very likable; impetuous and ambitious. Audition Song: Anthem

Freddie Trumper: (lead male) Tenor to High C. World Chess Champion, American. Unpredictable, sarcastic and troubled, but undoubtedly a Chess genius. Covers his insecurity with brash, often abrasive behavior. Audition song: Pity the Child

Florence Vassey: (lead female) Wide-range alto. Sophisticated, worldly woman who gets caught up in an international crisis. She longs to be recognized as competent in her own right, yet is attracted to men who dominate her. Audition song: Heaven Help My Heart

Walter: (Support male) Baritone. Fast-talking, super salesman. Probably a Secret Service Agent, posing as Freddie’s promotion man. Ranges from slick, to deadly serious. Audition song: Let’s Work Together

Molokov: (Support Male) Baritone. Russian agent posing as a Chess aficionado, attached to Anatoly. Comfortable, older man who tells lies with ease. Audition song: Let’s Work Together

Arbiter: (Support Male) High Baritone. The referee of the Chess match. Has important solos and group numbers. An officious, fussy, self-important man. Audition Song: The Story of Chess

Svetlana: (Support Female) Alto. Anatoly’s abandoned Russian wife. She is a victim of his ambition. A stranger to the fast-paced life of international Chess, but a strong woman nevertheless. Audition song: You And I

Gregor Vassy: (Featured Male) Baritone. Florence’s father. Seen as a young man, then years later, old and broken. Audition Song: “Akupad”, a Hungarian lullaby

Three Reporters: (Featured males) Pushy, noisy, assertive guys. Out to get the best story. They all sing. Will double in chorus. Audition Song: Anthem / One Night In Bangkok

The following “featured” characters do not have solo singing parts, but will be asked to sing in some ensemble numbers. Chorus members may double in some of these roles.

Nicolai: (Featured male) Member of Anatoly’s entourage. Probably a Russian agent. Friendly, easy-going. Audition Song: Anthem or One Night In Bangkok

Russian Man: (Featured Male) Another of the suspected agents assigned to keep an eye on Anatoly. Has a few lines in Russian. Audition song: Anthem or One Night in Bangkok

Sergi and Christoff:(Featured males) Friends of Anatoly’s, brought to the Game to support Anatoly. Their lines are in Russian. Audition Song: Anthem or One Night In Bangkok

Female Reporter: (Featured female) Pretty, young American reporter. Awed by Freddie’s celebrity. Audition Song: Anthem or One Night In Bangkok

Joe: (Featured Male) Secret Service Agent; part of Freddie’s entourage.

Harold: (Featured Male) Secret Service Agent; part of Freddie’s entourage.

Commentators: (Featured male or female) TV commentators – sometimes seen, sometimes heard as announcers. Audition song: Anthem or One Night In Bangkok

Chorus of men and women. (Non Featured) On stage much of the time. Important backup to the story. Audition songs: Anthem or One Night In Bangkok

Dancers: (non-featured) There will be solo dancers as well as ensemble members. Dancers will be asked to sing, if they can. Strong interpretive dance required. Audition Song: One Night in Bangkok

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