“All My Sons”  

Gripping Drama by Arthur Miller 
Directed by Bob Robinson

Auditions:  Sun & Mon, November 8&9, 2015, at 7 pm.

Production Dates:  January 7-17, 2016

World War II is over.  One son has returned, one has not.  His fate and its effect on his family challenges us to consider the destructive powers of greed and deceit when a devastating secret is revealed, setting the characters on an explosive journey toward the truth.

Cast of Characters:

Joe Keller (60-65):  A successful businessman, yet uneducated. Owns a machine shop.  Always concerned with money and how it has elevated him and has provided security for his family.

Kate Keller (55-60) Joe’s wife and Chris’ mother, Clever, manipulative.  Has fierce love for family.  Is intelligent, yet superstitious.

Chris Keller (35)  Joe and Kate’s son.  A man of intelligence, capable of great love and loyalty.  Somewhat of an idealist, but, also, a coward when challenged to do what is morally right.  In love with Ann.

Ann Deever (25) The daughter of Steve Deever, the imprisoned former partner of Joe Keller.  Originally the fiancée of the Keller’s deceased son, Larry.  Now, she loves Chris and wants to marry him.  Strong and a worthy match for Kate.  She holds a secret which can destroy the family.

George Deever (30) Brother of Ann and son of Steve Deever.  Angry and smart.  Does not want Ann to marry Chris.  Blames Joe for the fact that his father is in prison.

Dr. Jim Bayliss (45-50) A “world-weary” doctor.  Married to Sue and next-door neighbor to the Kellers.  A decent man who gave up his youthful idealism for the comfortable life as a small town doctor treating well-paying hypochondriacs.

Sue Bayliss (45) Jim’s wife.  Cynical and pragmatic.  Money grubbing.  She pushed Jim away from his dream of working in medical research to making money as a practicing physician.

Frank Lubey (35) Simple and lucky.  He avoided the draft in World War II.  Family man, married to Lydia.  They have three children.  Has an interest in horoscopes.  Has no understanding of the world beyond his backyard.

Lydia Lubey (30) Married to Frank.  Not a care in the world.  Her main pastimes are doing Kate’s hair and “fiddling” with the toaster.  Harmless.  Doesn’t know much about the world.

Bert (11-13) Neighborhood kid who comes around the Kellers.  He and Joe “play.”  Hs character gives Joe an opportunity to show his “family man” side.

Come prepared to read from the script. Perusal scripts are available at the Riverwalk Theatre Office, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5:30pm

To Apply or for more information contact kjs.yea@gmail.com