Casting Actors for Horror Film

"Attacked On Set" Casting Call

“Attacked On Set” is an independent feature film from Tommy Horror LLC. combining character-driven horror with action and suspense. Shooting will take place in Novi, MI from February 20th to February 29th. Most roles are needed for 2-3 days.


A movie crew has rented a studio space to film their movie in. When the crew discovers that people are being killed on set, they make every attempt to stay alive. (SPOILER ALERT!) The behind-the-scenes camera girl discovers the truth behind these murders and barely escapes with her life.

Available Roles:

  • Actor: Male, age 19-30, attractive.

  • Actress: Female, age 19-30, attractive.

  • Artist: Male, age 20-50, natural, peaceful.

  • Barbi: Female, age 25-40, bleached blonde, fake breasts, gold digger.

  • Camera: Female, age 18-35, attractive.

  • COP: Male, age 30-90. Want to wear a cop uniform? (SPOILER ALERT) you get to shoot someone. You find an arm!!

  • Dealer: Male, age 18-25, look like a pimp.

  • Director: Male, age 18-30, look like “ti west”.

  • Executive: Male, age 25-40, bald, wear gas station sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt and blue-tooth ear piece.

  • Killer: 6 foot or taller. (SPOILER ALERT!!) Be willing to wear a gas mask for every scene.

  • LSD: Female, age 18-24, raver girl, bright fuzzy boots, 50 colorful bracelets, things that blink and spin.

  • Makeup: Female, age 18-30, average.

  • Model: Female, age 18-30, 5’10″ or taller.

  • Set Dresser: Male, age 18-35, own anything from abercrombie. I love their shorts!

  • Wardrobe: Female, age 18-35, average.

  • Writer: Male, age 18-35, look like a rapist.

  • Guide: Male, age 18-35, have a moustache.


Non-Union Shoot. Some paid roles. Everyone receives credit and DVD copy. The film will be distributed VOD (Netflix, Hulu+, etc.), DVD and tour the Festival circuit this Spring.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email your headshots and resumes to:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.