Von Scott Studios Casting

Von Scott Studios Casting

Von Scott Studios is casting female actors for a non-union independent sitcom TV series, “A Date for Vladamir”. Auditions will be held on Wednesday, July 6th from 7:00pm – 9:00pm in Huntington Woods. Call backs will be on June 7th, 2011 from 6:00pm – 10:00pm. Six pilot episodes, each 5-10 minutes in length are scheduled to be shot in Detroit, MI. Shooting starts on July 9th.


A Date for Vladamir” is a 6 episode comedy pilot about a Russian computer programmer named Vladimir, who decides to get into the American dating scene. His Russian upbringing, coarse manners, medieval stereotypes about women, cultural differences etc… make all his dating experience ridiculously uncomfortable and funny. The pilot is being produced to shop around to international and domestic audiences.

Available Roles:

  • Helena: Asian girl. Petite, friendly, and very talkative. She loves to talk about her ex boyfriend as well as herself excessively. She does not allow Vladamir to get many words in during their date at all.

  • Waitress: Caucasian girl

  • Emma: Looks like a small town girl, Caucasian, aged 18-40, blonde. Emma is a professional businesswoman who also has a great sense of humor and can be clever and flirtatious.

  • Tracy: Fitness instructor, in great shape, Middle Eastern 18-40. Tracy is conducts fitness sessions at the beach called “Tough Chicks”. She is laid back an open, she is very nice and is generally happy.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com and email Brennon at: Delonzo2@gmail.com