Seeking Extras and Background Actors

A Chance Of Rain

NightMuse Productions is casting extras and background actors for the feature film, “A Chance Of Rain”. Talent will we needed on October 12th – October 16th in Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan.

Available Roles:

  • October 12 – Grand Rapids: Seeking business men and women to create a busy and bustling airport. We would need people for several hours in the late afternoon/ evening.
  • October 13 – Holland: Generally seeking a group of people to add to the environment of a Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart portrait Studio. Seeking in particular a mother with a child who will not stop fussing (partial day), and a family of 4 (partial day). We would like people the whole day, but could work people in and out in shifts if you can’t make it the whole day
  • October 14 – Grand Rapids: Seeking extras to be waiters and patrons at a Thai restaurant. We are looking in particular for people of Thai background, especially to be the waiters, but we are will take all nationalities as the customers. We will need extras for several hours.
  • October 15 – Holland: We are seeking extras to fill out an Oktoberfest and art fair. This crowed can be of any nationality gender or age. We would prefer you to work all day, but we can work with people who might need to leave or come in later.
  • October 16 – Grand Rapids: Looking for extras to be marathon runners (several hours in the morning) Also looking for a few people who would be in an art museum, and then a few people to be in a parking lot as our characters change a flat tire.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in working as an extra for any or all of these days please notify us at and complete the Extras Application Form or call (269) 267-1269

NOTE: If you are unable to work a full day for any of these days, let us know and we should be able to arrange for you to only work a half day. Upon appling, you will be contacted within a week of your shoot with more details as to where to show up, what time to arrive, what to wear, etc. If you are under 18, you must have a legal guardian that is over 18 to sign your likeness release form in order to participate. We will have forms available on set, or we can email you the form ahead of time for you to get signed by your guardian prior to arrival.