Beyond Blue Productions

5 Before 5 Film

Sundance veteran director Sultan Sharrief is planning to shoot his new feature film “5 Before 5″ later this summer. They are seeking actors and health care professionals for a table read of the script followed by a brief discussion of the film. The session will be held Wednesday, June 8th at 6:00pm in Ann Arbor, MI.

Available Roles:

  • Shane: White male, mid to late 20s, good singer a bonus

  • Denique: Black female, early to mid 20s

  • Young Denique: Black female, 7-10 years old

  • Dr. Ting: Asian female, mid to late 30s

  • Dr. Raju: Indian male, mid to late 30s

  • David: Male, any race, mid teens

  • Lorenzo: Latino male, mid to late teens. Character is a stutterer.

  • Laura: Female, any race, early to mid teens

  • Jim: White male, early to mid 40s

  • Cat: White female, early to mid 40s

  • Tracy: White female, mid to late 30s

  • One Up (Kevin): Black male, early 20s, athletic

  • Referee: Male, any race, 30s-40s

  • Tex: White male, mid to late 20s, athletic, southern drawl

  • Scrumpy: White male, mid to late 20s, stocky/muscular, British

  • Pepper: White (who “acts black”)male, mid to late 20s

  • Salt: Black male (who “talks proper”), mid to late 20s

  • Nurse: Female, any race

  • Stalker: Male, any race

  • Richard: White male, mid to late 40s

  • Alumni Rugby Speaker: Male, any race, early to mid 30s, chubby

  • Ms. Davis: White female, mid 50s

  • Sharon: Female, upper 50s

  • Nicky: White male, 8-10


This is not a paid position. However, participating actors will be invited to audition for the actual film shoot later this summer.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and send a headshot or video link and resume to: